Featured Artist: Amy Houston

Amy Houston, girl making glass beads with torch


A few months ago, I was watching a video of a woman giving a tour of her jewelry-making studio online. During the tour, she paused to pick up a package she had just received from a friend who was a lampwork artist and pulled out a few very pretty glass beads. I was intrigued as the beads looked quite different from the lampwork beads I was familiar with. I stopped the video and immediately went to this artist’s Etsy store (online) to get a closer look but was disappointed to find that her store was on a break and I couldn’t view her products. I decided to see if there was anyone else selling lampwork beads on Etsy. I typed in “lampwork” and suddenly my eyes were flooded with the most beautiful images of glass beads that I have ever seen. One artist in particular caught my eye, her name was Amy Houston…


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