About Us


 Hello and welcome to cabinorganic! My name is Delena Rose and I am so happy that you're here!

 I am a writer, educator, photographer, gardener, forager of wild plants, cook, maker-of-many-things, and homeschooling mom. My family and I live in a cabin on Pigeon Lake in central Alberta, Canada and we share our small property with chickens, geese, goats, rabbits and a dog.


"Cabinorganic" started out as a blog in July 2011 where I shared my projects, recipes and reflections. I've always been busy making things and in 2017 I started a tiny business selling my handmade products at local markets, art walks, music festivals and a few local stores (Magpie's Collection and Mulhurst Bay Books and Gifts). At the time I made garden decor, garden photography (cards, calendars), garden-inspired journals, bookmarks, body care, and a very small selection of nature-inspired jewelry.

I was just learning how to make jewelry but over time the jewelry sold more than any of my other products. I kept learning and designing more and more pieces and within six months that was all I sold at markets. Then I learned how to make ECO-dyed silk scarves and that became another unique addition to what I offered. In a short time cabinorganic had grown so much that it needed its own store—and here we are! 



As a Metis woman born and partly raised in northern Manitoba, my life has been profoundly shaped by a deep love and connection with nature. Today, I continue to live fully immersed in the natural world with a lake in front of me, 150 acres of protected land behind me, and my lovely gardens to keep me busy tending to my own patch of earth. Each day I am in awe of the many ways that everything is connected to everything else and the fact that we are not separate from the natural world—we never have been. We truly are nature and the jewelry and handmade products I create and offer here are designed to both nurture and celebrate this. 

Let the beauty you love be what you do.
There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the earth.—Rumi


From my home to yours, all the very best,

Delena Rose

B.Sc. (Biology, Art & Design), B.Ed., M. Ed. (Indigenous Peoples Education)


PS. Thank you for supporting my small business. :)