Opalite Medieval Pendulum

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People have been using pendulums for guidance since the times of ancient Rome and Egypt. Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton used pendulums in the 17th century and people continue to use them to this day. 
  • 11x 52mm opalite gemstone point
  • 10x42mm copper filagree bead cap
  • 7-inch copper chain with glass moonstone and copper beads
  • each pendulum comes with a "pendulum board" printed on card stock (board image on front and information and instructions on the back)

A pendulum is simply a weighted object that hangs from a cord or chain.

Pendulums are tools used for dowsing and divination. They help us connect with our Higher Selves, the part of us that is connected to Higher Consciousness and has all of the answers to our questions. When we need spiritual guidance or help making decisions, pendulums help bring the answers we need from deep within our subconscious minds into our conscious minds.

Pendulums work best when asking for truth and understanding in the present moment and not for predicting the future.


Take a deep breath and relax. Ask a yes/no question. Hold the pendulum very still over the pendulum card. In a minute or two the pendulum will begin to swing in a particular direction to let you know the answer.

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