Eco-Dyed Silk Scarf, Avocado with Hazelnut Leaves (11x60 inches)

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Eco-dying is a very slow process. I start with 100% Habotai silk scarves and make my own all-natural dyes as a base dye. It often takes a few rounds of sitting in the dye bath overnight then hanging to dry to reach the desired color. After a few weeks of curing, I roll the scarves up with leaves and flowers gathered from my own land and steam for two hours. The results are always one-of-a-kind as each eco-dyed piece tells its own unique story. For me, the process of making these scarves is always an act of surrender and trust with the end results always surprising me with the endless beauty of the natural world around us.

Hand wash using a mild detergent and hang to dry. Iron on low if desired. 

  • 11x60 inch hemmed scarf, 100% Habotai silk
  • avocado base dye, bundled-dyed with hazelnut leaves

Wondering which size to choose? Consider how you (or your gift recipient) normally wears scarves: Hanging down loose from the neck? Choose 15x60 inches. Wrapped around the neck? Choose the longer 14x72 inches.  Worn as a head scarf or as a smaller accent piece? 11x60 inches will work best.

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