Saturday, June 29

Saturday, June 29

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Plant Medicine for Baby & Child


$75    2-5pm


Being a baby and child is extremely hard work! As their caregivers, it is important for us to know how to support the children in our lives as they grow and develop. 


In this workshop, you will learn how to use plant medicine to care for common ailments, such as colic, teething, cradle cap, diaper rash, earaches, fevers, colds, burns, cuts and scrapes, insect bites, and more. You will explore the gentlest yet most effective herbs that are safe for babies and children, as well as how to prepare the medicines. This includes teas, tinctures, extracts, glycerites, syrups, infused oils, salve, balms, poultices, compresses, eye washes, and more.


This workshop includes:

·      Handout with all of the recipes and information covered in this


·      Supplies and ingredients to make a healing oil—valued at $15

·      Supplies and ingredients to make a healing salve—valued at $20

·      Supplies and ingredients to make a soothing, calming tea—valued at    


·      Snacks and beverages

·      Free gift from Delena—valued at $10


Delena Rose Tsang, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Delena has been studying natural health, making plant medicine, and making/selling her own natural body care products for over 13 years. Her practice is guided by her Indigenous (Metis) culture as well as a scientific background (biology, ecology, plant intelligence). As an educator, Delena loves spending time with people on her land, in her garden and in her kitchen.

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